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Other Engines

There are two other 101 series engine short blocks available. They each are complete with block, crank, lower timing gears, & front cover.

Serial Number 1315.010480. This engine has shorter head studs for a 750 style head. This was a conversion period engine. I am told that this setup is preferred by racers to get the smallest combusion chamber. This engine comes with the crank, the front cover and lower timing gears, and all the bearing caps. The crank hasn't been ground and is still standard size. The main bearing journals actually look ok, but they might want to be ground down for good measure. The rod journals need to be ground. This engine does not include rods/pistons/liners, oil pump, windage tray, or oil pan. Also, please note that the #3 bearing cap mounting tabs for the oil pump bracket have been ground away to accommodate a 3 piece veloce sump (which is also available). More photos of this engine are available upon request.



Engine Number 1315.010594. This engine block is complete with crank, oil pump, front cover, lower timing gear, and liners. There is also the cast aluminum oil pan. The drain plug has been replaced with an english threaded bolt, but it seems to work ok. The rods & pistons are not included. This engine was sitting for years and was seized (between the piston & liners). The crank journals have never been ground, but need cleaning up. They don't seem to be damaged or spun.



Here is a 750 Veloce 3 piece sump and a very nice 750 gooseneck oil pump. The pump seems nearly new. Its gear tooth clearance is .004mm, and it has the locating pins in the housing to properly locate the gooseneck. There is also a pliable rubber seal for the gooseneck to sump connection.