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58 Spider
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Other Parts Available

These parts I've saved because these cars are getting so rare you don't know what someone might find useful. If you think you could use any of these parts, or would like them to add to your hoard, I'm anxious to see them to a new home. Call me!

These parts are from two different cars. The white door and hood are from a 101 series car. There's lots of surface rust on these, but there is good metal underneath. The hardware is unbolted from the hood, and it is a later style with the groove down the center. The door does have some rust through on the lower edge and there's a small deformation near the vent window.  The blue hood is from an earlier car and doesn't have any surface rust. There is some light sheetmetal finishing required to fix some damage done in shipping. Also, the latch bolts broke off on this one.



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